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FWC has two categories of membership. Regular membership is open to California licensed wine producers and independently owned California winegrape vineyards. Associate membership is open to industry related firms. Membership for 2014 is on a prepaid basis and will start when you join.  Your anniversary date will be January 1 of each year, which requires you to renew for the entire coming year.

On July 1 dues are prorated by 50% for the balance of the year.  Full year renewal is required in the following year in order to participate in the tastings.

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Regular Members
A licensed (Type 02) winery, a wine producer, including holders of Type 17/20 licenses or the new limited off-sale retailer wine license (Type 85) or independently owned vineyard may apply for membership. The winery, producer or vineyard must be based in California.  The Board of Directors is required to approve the application.

Every member has a calendar year-based anniversary date.

Under FWC bylaws Regular members have voting rights and can be elected to the board or as an officer of the corporation.

Every member is required to designate a representative for the purpose of voting, serving on the Board of Directors if elected, and receiving official communications from Family Winemakers of California.

Regular members have the option of joining solely as an FWC member or as a joint member that includes a dual membership in Family Winemakers of California and WineAmerica, the national winery association that advocates on public policy at the federal and regulatory levels and provides membership services such as label compliance and industry supplier discounts.  There is a separate dues structure for the joint program.

Participation in any of the Family Winemakers of California tastings requires a separate table fee and proof of insurance (including liquor liability).

Associate Members
A firm that has “performed services for the Corporation or engages in activities related to the wine industry” may be approved for membership by the Board of Directors.

Every member has a calendar year-based anniversary date.

Federal Tax Notice
Under federal law, Family Winemakers is required to notify members annually of the amount of dues paid that is not tax deductible as a business expense. For 2014 that amount is 35% for FWC Only, Joint and Associate members.

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Become a member and enjoy all the FWC membership benefits today. Please click here to start the application process.
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