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Registration for our trade tastings opens approximately 2 months in advance of the event; invitations are sent by mail and the registration form is posted on our website. To be placed on our mailing list, fill out the form below. Please review our trade and Media Qualifications to be sure you meet our criteria for admission.

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Trade and Media Qualifications: To register as trade, you must be professionally involved in the sale of wine. As Media, you must regularly publish articles on the wine trade and identify your media outlet on the registration form. Family Winemakers reserves the right to request confirmation of your professional status and to refuse admission to anyone without adequate professional credentials. Receipt of an invitation does not imply or grant this confirmation or guarantee admission. Wine industry suppliers (i.e. financial institutions, insurance brokers, producers of winemaking equipment, etc.) must be FWC Associate Members to attend as trade. Call (916) 498-7500 for membership information. Photo ID and proof of trade status will be required at the door of our trade tastings.

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