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General Statistics

California’s wine industry is as diverse as the landscape and the people that make the wine. It is also a significant part of the state’s economy with an impact of over $55 billion according to recent estimates.

California ranks first among wine production with almost 92% of all domestic wine being produced in California. Current reports indicated over 515,000 acres of winegrapes being grown. The latest harvest in 2007 was over 3,200,000 tons.

Brick and mortar wineries exist in 43 of 58 counties across the state, led by Napa and Sonoma. The latest tally shows over 2,400 wineries licensed by the state. In recent years “virtual” wineries have grown and number several hundred. The number of wineries continues to grow giving evidence of the strength of the industry at the entry level.

California wineries pay over $21,000,000 in excise taxes. The industry generates almost $2 billion in tax revenue for the state and local governments.

California ranks first in wine consumption among states. Each year’s harvest is different and sales expand or contract. One measure of how the wine industry is doing is a recent Gallup Poll that revealed wine had supplanted beer and spirits as the leading alcoholic drink in the .

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