Oakville Ranch Vineyards


UPDATED Jan 2021: Oakville Ranch is the original mountain vineyard of the Oakville sub-appellation, a tiny district that produces some of Napa Valley’s most celebrated Cabernets. A place of dramatic beauty and dedication to organic farming, Oakville Ranch farms its hollows and terraces in a well-planned program of sustainability, and has crafted singular wines expressive of its distinctive terroir since 1989. Less than a quarter of the historic 370-acre property is planted to grapes, along with orchards, vegetable gardens and bee hives – all cultivated in harmony with untouched natural habitat sustaining native flora and fauna. Oakville Ranch produces five wines, a total of 750 cases.

Contact Information:

Contact:Shelia Gentry
PO Box 427
Oakville, CA 94562
Phone: 707-944-9665
Fax: n/a
Email: shelia@oakvilleranch.com
Website: oakvilleranch.com