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The 2019-2020 legislative year commenced on December 3, 2018, following the swearing-in of the new and returning members of the California State Assembly and State Senate. November’s “Blue Wave” resulted in Democrats having a supermajority in both houses of the legislature. This means Democrats can approve tax increases, constitutional amendments, or override a veto from the Governor without input or consultation from Republicans. The first year of the two-year session is typically when members of the legislature introduce controversial bills that get a lot of media attention, which happens for a few reasons. First, if the bill struggles to pass it can be worked on during the second year of the session. Second, there’s a new governor with new ideologies, and new staff who may feel different about a previously vetoed bill or policy, so members are going to push their issue again. And third, members of the legislature wanted to know how the new administration was going to follow through on their campaign commitments. This year was no different; especially as the legislature, as well as all Californians welcomed the Newsom Administration. 


Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead: 2020 

Reflecting on all the legislative, regulatory, and political events of 2019, 2020 is also shaping up to be yet another exciting and jam-packed legislative year. Political Solutions looks forward to continuing to represent FWC and working on issues affecting their membership. Here’s to our combined success in 2020. 



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