ALRB make whole - bond

AB 561, sponsored by the UFW, is designed to curtail employer appeals of ALRB make-whole decisions.  In order to appeal a board decision, an employer must post a bond for the entire amount of the award.  FWC opposed the bill because it economically ties the hands of employers by setting a huge monetary threshold to get to court.  It was vetoed by Governor Brown, who continues to seek balance between growers and farmworkers in ALRB deliberations.  Brown 1.0 created the ALRB.

Wells logs now public

Governor Brown gave environmental groups a big victory during the 2015-16 budget by signing a trailer bill that makes private well drilling logs available to the public.  Currently, information is available to government regulators, but under the bill it could be easier for non-governmental groups to pinpoint well locations on private lands.  FWC opposed the bill because it made private business operations and decisions open to public scrutiny.

Family Policy Priorities

AB 1066: (Gonzalez) & AB2757 AB 2757: (Gonzalez) - Ag overtime Oppose Signed
SCA 5: (Hancock) Split Roll Oppose Dead